Dhanu Harsha: ‘Left hand is the reason for the accident’, actress Dhanu Harsha paired with Diganth

The movie ‘Galipata 2’ starring ‘Doodh Peda’ Diganth is seeing a huge success. Now a new thing has come out about the new movie ‘Edagaiye Apaghatakke Karana movie’ (Edagaiye Apaghatakke Karana movie) in which he is the lead. Earlier, the film team had released the first motion poster and created a buzz. Now the film team has introduced a theater talent called Dhanu Harsha as the heroine of this movie. Actress Dhanu Harsha is a girl from Bangalore. Graduated from Mount Carmel College. He has been involved in theater for the past couple of years and has already acted in Tamil and Hindi movies. He also painted in Kannada movie ‘Ariha’.

I am also pretending to be left-handed
I am really happy that I got an opportunity in Diganth’s movie ‘Left Hand Caused by Accident’. I am acting for the first time with actor Diganth as the heroine. Also, I liked the script of the movie ‘Left hand is the reason for the accident’. I am also playing a lefty in this film. My character is Radhika, a serious girl. I liked the style of the story written by the director. This is the movie I got on the day of Varamahalakshmi festival,’ says Dhanushree.

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The shooting of the movie will start at the end of August
Many things in the world are made to favor the use of the right hand. But the number of left-handed users is very less, due to which they are facing some difficulties. This is the story about it. Samarth Kadakola is directing this movie. Gurudutt Ganiga is in the creative department. The shooting of the movie will start at the end of August. Produced jointly by Gurudatta Ganiga and Samarth Kadkol, the film has cinematography by Abhimanyu Sadanand. Earlier, the first look of Diganth was highly appreciated. Now the anticipation for the movie has increased due to the introduction teaser of the heroine.

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I auditioned for this movie. But I had no idea that I would get selected. This role is special for me as it is a concept film based on ‘Edagai’ and I will appear in a different shade. I was very happy when you said ok. I am happy to be acting in a very good story.
– Dhanu Harsha, actress

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