Dhananjay’s 26th Movie Announced; Again the sound of ‘Doli’ in Telugu

One of South India’s busy actors ‘Dolly’ Dhananjay starrer ‘Mansoon Raaga’ has just released. On September 30, ‘Totapuri’, in which he has acted in an important role, will also be released. ‘Head Bush’ has also set a release date. Meanwhile, the shooting of Dhananjay’s 25th film ‘Hoysala’ has gone on in full swing. Now Dhananjay’s 26th movie has also been announced. By the way, this is a Telugu movie.

Huge fans for Jolly Reddy
Actor Dhananjay, who is famous for his role as Jolly Reddy in the movie ‘Pushpa’, is now a multi-lingual artist. Along with Dhananjay, actor Satyadev will also be seen in the new Telugu movie which has been announced. Ishwar Karthik is directing the famous movie ‘Penguin’. Sharing information about this, Dhanu said, ‘Ishwar Karthik, who was there when the Hoysala shooting was going on in Mysore, told the story. I liked him a lot as a person. The story he told was also amazing. This is a complete mass entertainer movie. The audience will definitely like my character.’

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The shooting of this movie will start soon
Dhananjay, who currently has a lot of offers, is staying away from small roles. As of now Dhananjay has accepted that this movie is full of action and has a crime story. This movie is being produced by Old Town Pictures. The movie will be shot soon. Specially, Charan Raj of Kannada is giving music for this movie. Manikanthan Krishnamachari is doing the cinematography.

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Also, Dhananjay acted in Vikram Prabhu starrer ‘Payum Oli Nee Yenakku’. This is a Tamil movie. Dhananjay will also be seen in Vijay Antony’s new Tamil movie. It is yet to be known how Dhananjay will make a splash this time as Jolly Reddy in the movie ‘Pushpa 2’. ‘Once Upon a Time in Jamaligudda’ is another movie of Dhananjay that is ready for release.

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After ‘Badava Rascal’, Dhananjay has also bankrolled ‘Head Bush’ through Dolly Pictures. Apart from that, Dhananjay has kept the intention of making two films a year under this banner and giving opportunities to newcomers.

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