Dhananjaya: Dhananjaya starrer ‘Head Bush’ OTT release date announced

Dhananjaya: Dhananjaya starrer ‘Head Bush’ OTT release date announced
After super hit movies like ‘Vikrant Rona’, ‘Galipata 2’, ‘Guru Shishyaru’ another movie is ready to be released on Zee5. ‘Head Bush’ movie starring Dolly Dhananjaya is date fixed for G5 OTT entry.

Dolly Dhananjaya starrer ‘Head Bush’ is releasing on January 13 on G5 OTT. Based on the book written by Agni Sridhar, this film is directed by Nyanya. The film, which captured the underworld of the 70s on screen, received a mixed response from the audience. The audience was thrilled to see Dolly Dhananjaya’s performance in the role of MP Jayaraj. This film, which has been appreciated by the audience for some things, is now ready to come before the OTT audience through JEE5, the date is fixed for the OTT entry. The movie ‘Head Bush’ is releasing on 13th January on Zee5.

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Payal Rajput shared the screen with Dhananjay as the female lead and the film has a multi-star cast including Loose Mada Yogi, Raghu Mukherjee, Vasishtha Simha, Crazy Star Ravichandran, Shruti Hariharan. The film has screenplay and dialogues by Agni Sridhar, music direction by Charan Raj. This film, which was raved about by the audience in the theatres, is now being released on G5 OTT.

Some people objected that Karagake and Veeragase artistes were insulted in the movie ‘Head Bush’. There was a demand to cut the dialogue about Karaga and Veeragase artists. Now the film team said that they will mute the same dialogue.

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‘Headbush’ is a movie based on Don Jayaraj’s biography. Some of the scenes in the movie ‘Head Bush’ got into controversy. Don Jayaraj’s son Ajith also made some accusations that Don Jayaraj was portrayed badly. Altogether ‘Head Bush’ witnessed a lot of controversy.

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