Dhananjay wrote a poem about actress Suhasini; ‘Dolly’ said ‘Bandhana level movie should be made..’

‘Monsoon Raga’ starring ‘Dolly’ Dhananjay and Rachita Ram is hitting the screens on September 16. Along with Dhananjay and Rachita Ram, multi-lingual actress Suhasini has also painted in this movie. Achyut Kumar is paired with Suhasini. The film team organized a grand event on the occasion of the release of the movie. Speaking about Suhasini on this platform, Dhananjay said, ‘I would love to do a role like Vishnu sir did in ‘Bandhana’ along with Suhasini.

‘I used to write hundreds of poems’ – Dhananjay
‘This is the first time I have met Suhasini madam. If God gives me an opportunity to time travel, I would love to go back and do a role like Vishnu sir did in ‘Bandhana’ with Suhasini. Preeti Sigo could have said the character itself. But why are you doing a role like Vishnu sir did in the movie ‘Bandhana’, I said, Andre, we fell in love with our song, that eye, that smile, that beauty. Dhananjay told Suhasini.

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Then Dhananjay recited a poem about Suhasini who came on stage.
You can drown in this smile once.. so pure
Once you can think about the laughing sea.. so clean

– Actress Suhasini, who was happy to hear this poem by Dhananjay, immediately sang the song from the movie ‘Bandhana’ ‘A hundred and one memories came as a song from the chest and Anand…’.

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Rachita Ram appeared opposite Dhananjay in the movie ‘Monsoon Raga’ and played the role of a prostitute. Suhasini Mani Ratnam and Achyut Kumar also have important roles. Yasha Sivakumar played a retro role of 80s. S. who made the movie ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ along with Ramesh Aravinda. Rabindranath has directed the movie ‘Monsoon Raga’. Vikyath has financed this movie and Anoop Seelin has directed the music. S.K. Rao’s cinematography for the movie.

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