Deepa Death: Tamil actress Deepa committed suicide; Is love failure the reason for this?

The dead body of Deepa (Pauline Jessica), a young Tamil film actress, is found in her flat in Virugambakkam, Chennai. It is said that he may have committed suicide. According to the preliminary information given by the police, it was suicide. Deepa’s dead body was found hanging from Fanny in a room of the flat. Deepa was 29 years old. It is sad that he died at such a young age. Recently, his acting movie ‘Vaidha’ was released.

Why this young actress who made a name for herself in the Tamil film industry took such a tough decision has raised doubts. According to sources, love failure is the reason for this death. But there is not much information about that. The dead body has been sent to the government hospital for post-mortem. Police have registered a case and started investigation. Deepa’s family tried many times but Deepa did not receive the call. When he got suspicious and came to the flat, he came to know the news of Deepa’s death.

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Police suspect that love failure may have been the cause of Deepa’s death. Aunt Deepa’s friends say otherwise. Friends said that Deepa was suffering from mental stress. Also, a death note written by Deepa was found at the scene and the police have taken it into custody. It is said that Deepa may have written in that letter the reason for her death.

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By the way, Deepa had done color in some Tamil movies. Most importantly, he played an important role in the movie ‘Thupparivalan’ directed by Miskin. Deepa was already recognized in the Tamil film industry. It is said that many movie offers were in his hands. In general, Deepa Nidhan’s close friends and family members are saddened. The Tamil film industry has condoled the death of Deepa

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