Dear Vikram: Actor Satish Neenasam is directing a movie release for the first time in OTT!

Actor Sathish Ninasam’s ‘Godhra’ cinematic title is titled ‘Dear Vikram’. Shraddha Srinath is seen as the heroine in this movie, which is being released directly on OTT instead of ‘Dear Vikram’. Dear Vikram is a love story of the revolutionary and the streaming of the film will start from June 30 on Wood Select. Before that, the trailer was launched, celebrating the movie.

‘My first movie with Shraddha Srinath
Talking about the film, actor Satish Neenasam said, ‘This is my first film with Shraddha Srinath. Many renowned actresses like Vashishtha Lion, Sonu Gowda, Achyut Kumar and others have lent their talents to the film. I have seen hunger, poverty, shame. A lot of the ideas in society are in this cinema. My experiences are also the main reason I accept this film. Dear Vikram Cinema is the answer to the question of what I have given to the society. This cinema has become a mirror of society, ”says Satish.

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Shraddha Srinath Comeback
Shraddha Srinath plays the heroine in ‘Dear Vikram’. “I am a girl who grew up seeing reality only from colored glasses. This role is never forgotten. I am very happy that this movie is being released. When I heard the story of this movie in 2017, I was so excitement, I still have excitement. I have told everyone that this film comes from the age of five. This is the reason why the film is accepted. We are all very patient, ‘he says.

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Jacob Varghese, who has directed many good films, is also a veteran KS. Nandish directed ‘Dear Vikram’. Construction is theirs too. “This film stands out from the regular commercial cinema because of its tight screenplay and good acting. Nandish said, “It is not just college or life lessons but life lessons.”

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The film has been shot in Subramanya, Hassan, Bhatkala, Kurnool as well as in Malaysia. Directed by Juda Sandy.

Dear Vikram: Satish Neenasam starrer ‘Dear Vikram’ is due to go straight to OTT!

‘This is not a cinema that is anti-party or anti-religious ..’ – Satish Neenasam

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