DC vs KKR: Arti Bedi, who was jammed in the cricket yard, is now ready to enter the cinema!

The high score between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals brought fans to the edge of the seat. In the midst of this match, the beauty of everyone. Don’t be awry. Aarti Bedi, captured in camera eyes, became a sensational star overnight. She became a National Crush of India after the Arti Bedi charts went viral everywhere in the internet world.

Increase in number of Instagram followers
Aarti Bedi’s reputation has now doubled. In the meantime, the beauty is ready to make an entry into the cinema world. Many producers and directors are in the spirit of approaching art content and quality cinema, having already read some of the stories and will be in front of the camera if they like it. Prior to this cricket match, Arti Bedi’s Instagram account had over 30 thousand followers and 46 thousand followers following the match.

  • Sanjay Bedi is a businessman, her mother is Dolly Bedi and sister Nisa Bedi
  • Modeling from 2018, she initially appeared in products that could help with weight loss
  • A dog called Fudge is in their house and dogs are very fond of Arti
  • Dance means Sakhat like Aarti
  • Today’s Arti Bedi Instagram Followers 2,87,000

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Don’t bother with advertising
Arti Bedi has acted in 35-40 commercials. The theater is now ready for entry into the Arthi Cinema Industry, and the curiosity about what kind of cinema is currently available.

Already enough girls have noticed the cricket yard. It is also true that the night of the popularization of the light of day does not last. Priya Warrior was also caught in a cinema and became a national crush in the early hours of the night, which was not a success.

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