Chiranjeevi: ‘Remo’ hero Ishaan gets ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi’s blessings

Actor Ishaan, who looks like a Hollywood hero in height, color, style, body language, etc., is known as the Greek God of Sandalwood. Having entered the Kannada film industry through the movie ‘Rogue’, he is now testing his luck for the second time, the movie ‘Raymo’ in which he is the lead will be released this Friday. What’s more, Ishaan has got the blessings of ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi of Telugu film industry.

The movie ‘Remo’ is hitting the screens across the state on November 25. Movie promotion work is also going on in full swing. Lead actor Ishaan, who is busy with movie promotions, met ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi, who spoke of Ishaan’s appreciation, wished Ishaan and the movie ‘Remo’ a success. Ishaan is happy to be blessed by the ‘Mega Star’. Chiranjeevi shared the photo of the meeting on social media and expressed his happiness.

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Although Chiranjeevi Annaiah has a lot of work to do, he has spared time and wished and blessed our film ‘Raymo’ with all his heart. Ishaan said that I am forever indebted to his love.

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Talking about the movie, he said, ‘This movie should have been released a long time ago. Too late due to covid. But after watching this movie, everyone likes it even if it is released after so many years. It has been five years since my first film was released. Over the years I have learned a lot as an actor and as a person. It stands out on screen too. I met Pawan once in Dubai. Then he told two stories. Boxing is one of them and this story is another. I liked it. It has many aspects like love, romance, family emotion etc. I have chosen this story because all these people will like it..’ said actor Ishaan.

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Pawan Wodeyar has directed the movie ‘Remo’. This movie contains musical and romantic love story. Image by Jayaditya Banner ft. C. R. Produced by Manohar. C. R. The film is also produced by Gopi. Photography by Vaidi, K. M. Compiled by Prakash. The songs have music direction by Arjun Janya.

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