Chinmayi Sripada: A singer who gave birth to twins has been questioned as a surrogacy; Chinmayi Sripad who responded

Sinmayi Sripada has given birth to twins. One of them is a male, a female. When Chinmayi spoke of children on social media, many greeted them. At this point, some have spoken of having children in Chinmayi through surrogacy. As usual, Chinmayi answered in his own cross.

Chinmayi Sripad photo not shared
Today, it is customary to claim the idea of ​​pregnancy on social media. But Chinmayi Sripad, who has always been active in social media, did not share any pregnant thoughts or photos on social media. This has led some to suspect that Chinmayi may have had a child through surrogacy.

Stars with a face towards Sarogasi
Nowadays, especially in the field of cinema, there is an increasing number of children getting sick through surrogacy. From actor Shah Rukh Khan to actor Shilpa Shetty and Priyanka Chopra, actors and actresses have come up with a baby. They have their own reason for this.

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Child’s Name Revealed Singer
Sharing the children’s hand photo on social media, Chinmayi said, “Driptah, Sharvas are the focal points of our world.” Seeing this, many said that they got the child through surrogacy. Chinmayi has answered that again.

What is Chinmayi’s answer to Sarogasi?

“Many people ask me if I got a child by surrogacy. I don’t care about my pregnancy. I only know my friends, my family, personal life, friends.

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Chinmayi Sripad, who has raised his voice against sexual harassment

Chinmayi Sripad married actor Rahul Ravindran in 2014. He has sung much in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Tere Bina in Abhishek Bachchan starrer ‘Guru’ cinema, Yinty Yanti in ‘Geeta Govindam’ and Tithili song from ‘Chennai Express’ cinema has been sung for many films.

Chinmayi Sripad was vocal about his sexual harassment of singers in the music industry.

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