Chikkanna: ‘Vice President’ of sequel to ‘President’ Get ready to become a hero!

Actor Chikkanna has been a hero in hundreds of movies. He is the hero of the movie titled ‘Upadhyaksha’. The mother of producer Smita Umapathi and Chikanna are the initiators of the film’s first scene. Sadhukokila’s camera is running and wishing. As such, this ‘Vice President’ cinema is an advanced part of the ‘President’ cinema that opened in 2014!

It is a remake
It was a remake of the ‘President’ which was a super hit back then. But now the ‘Vice President’ is going to make a real Swamek cinema. Here is an advanced part of Chickanna’s role in ‘President’ cinema. The film is being produced by Smitha Umapati and Nirmala Srinivasa and is directed by Anil Kumar.

Anil Kumar, the director of the film, said, ‘We have started a film at Banashankari Temple. The ‘Vice President’ is an advanced part of the ‘President’. The story of the film begins from where the story stands. This is a movie that laughs at people from the first scene to the climax. There are also emotional situations. The first phase of the house set to be built in Mysore tomorrow will be shot in thirty-two days. The film will be shot in and around Bangalore. Filming is scheduled to conclude at the end of August. Most of the artists who acted in ‘President’ will be in the film.

‘Raghu, Ravi, Nani’s loss’
Hero offers have already arrived
After ‘Rajahuli’ and ‘President’, I had many opportunities to become heroes. But I disagreed. Hearing this film agreed. You have prepared enough for the film. A comedy artist pretends to be a hero who ends up on a small budget. But our producers have stepped up to build lavishly. Thank them. Anil Kumar has a long introduction. Have a good story. The film is sure to win. You have given enough encouragement this day. Encourage them further. ”

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‘I have produced super hit films like’ Hebbuli ‘,’ Robert ‘and’ Madagaja ‘. But I made ‘Orula Rendalla’ in my wife’s name. The film received a lot of awards. My wife Smita is also the producer for ‘Vice President’. The story of ‘Vice President’ is good and I am confident that this movie will win. Producer Umapati Srinivas says, “All of you are supportive.”

‘Opportunities are coming from cinema & inter-language serials’ – Hitler welfare actress Malaika
Malaika Vasupal is the heroine of the film. Sadhu Kokila, Dharmanna and Ravi Shankar will be playing the lead role. The songs will be directed by Arjun Janya and will feature Shekhar Chandra’s photography.

“Youngsters today have a passion for solo trip.”

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