‘Chase’ starring Avinash Narasimha Raju

Harish Basavaraj
The film ‘Chase’ has been making headlines on social media. Now that the film is ready for release, here are the details.

Directed by Vilok Shetty, the film is a suspense thriller.

Radhika Narayan, the heroine of ‘Rangitaranga’ starring two popular serials!

The movie, starring Avinash Narasimha Raju, Radhika Narayan, Sushant Poojary, and many others, has made a variety of posters and songs. ‘Chase cinema is a different kind of cinema. The two characters change their lives as they chase a case. The film is the turning point in the story. This is an Investigation suspense thriller.

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“The film has been highly appreciated by the censor board and has played a good deal of cinema. There is a good story and a good narrative in the cinema. Make this movie more accessible to more people. He is also given a U / A certificate for cinema. “The words of the censor board have inspired us greatly.”

The dog is the main protagonist in Chase

There are four songs in this movie. Anuradha Bhatt, Harish Venkat, Sanchit Hegde and Malayalam singer Mukul are sung by Vijay Prakash. Along with Avinash Narasimha Raju, Veena Sundar, Sudha Belvadi, Tulu filmmaker Arvind Bolar and Priya Shatamarshan are also in the cast. Filmed in Bangalore, Kapu, Kochi and Himachal Pradesh for about 52 days.

Director Willok Shetty had previously announced the film ‘Holidays’. It has stopped. Since then, Willock has directed documentaries and album songs.

‘Chase’ is a different kind of cinema. Had to be released a long time ago. But the film went ahead for Kovid and other reasons. “We are planning to release it in June with a good date,” said director Willok Shetty.

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