‘Chandini Bar’ is the story of the bar survivors; This is a newcomer effort

The bar is known for its fun, joy and sadness for many. But a lot of people don’t know that some people make their living there. The story of the bar survivors is named as Chandni Bar Movie.

Raghavendra Kumar directed the film and he also acted as the hero. Raghavendra Kumar, originally from Mysore, has previously worked in the films Baraguru Ramachandrappa and Manju Swaraj. Filming of ‘Chandni Bar’ is already complete and is involved in film production post production. Raghavendra Kumar plays the heroine of Sukruthi Prabhakar. ‘I am originally: a village near the town of suburb. I made a story out of a yearning for cinema. But trusting newcomers like us, nobody came forward to make money, and finally we made this film with all our friends, ‘says Raghavendra Kumar.

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Story of life at Chandni Bar
“I have told the story of the life of some persons in Chandni Bar. I acted as a bar supplier. In a few turns, we see how love in the bar works, how it breaks, and then how life goes on. A 43-day shooting took place around Mysore, where we set up the Chandni Bar, ”Raghavendra Kumar said.

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The film was composed by Vishakha Nagalapur and Karthik Nagalapur colleagues, with Ritvik Muralidhar as background music. Photography is done by Chetan Sharma. ‘Chandini Bar’ cinema has got U / A certificate. The film is set to release in August.

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