Chandan Kumar: I will no longer act in ‘Aa’ serial: Those who attacked me should apologize – Chandan Kumar

Chandan Kumar is a well-known actor in Kannada and Telugu television. Chandan Kumar was acting in the Telugu serial ‘Shrimati Srinivas’. Kannada actor Chandan Kumar was assaulted on the set of this serial by a youth from the direction department of the Telugu serial. The video of the attack has gone viral on social media.

Chandan Kumar held a press conference and demanded that the young man who attacked and Telugu Serial’s Direction Department Association should apologize to me.

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What did Chandan Kumar say in the press conference?
“When I saw the news in the morning, I was shocked. Our mother has come home now. are aware In my absence, wife Kavitha has taken care of my mother like her mother. Many thanks to him.”

“I was treated unfairly in Hyderabad. Foreigners should not be treated like that. That is wrong. I wholeheartedly condemn this incident. This hurts my heart a lot.

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“I have not worked properly for two days after I was called there. This incident happened on the third day. Attacking with raised hands is a very, very big mistake.

“I was supposed to participate in shooting from August 1. However, they called me on July 29. Nanna was in the hospital. However, I went as it was my duty. Very bored. Still I went shooting. Had lunch break and had a little sleep. He slept for 10 minutes not during the shooting time. Assistant Director Ranjith and Harish used to annoy me a lot. He was talking about something with a double meaning. They used to whine that they wanted it.

“Then,” I asked, “is the shot ready?” “5 minutes then 30 minutes Ebso” he called me singularly. He is younger than me. I said don’t talk like that. “Go for 10 minutes” I pushed. It is a very small matter. He went and said otherwise. He made a drama in tears saying that I hit him. There is a reason why I push. We had a lot in common. So, I just pushed on. However, they have given it a different form. The direction team went on a walkout.

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“There was no shooting after this. Why are you not shooting and the direction department association came and spoke very wrongly. I was the only one.. As many people as them came in a gang. All of them Telugu people showed solidarity. As we belong to a different state, there was a mistake on us. He said that he should be humiliated and sent back. This is very unfair. Sukha is just accusing me. Everything they have said is pure lies. “My self-esteem has been greatly affected.”

I will definitely not continue this serial. I have no safety there. I don’t like to drag this incident. However, he should apologize for hitting the Kannada actor. No one else could stop him while hitting. If I see this, I feel pre-planned.”

There is talk that Kannada artistes should be banned and Telugu artists are not getting a chance. They are targeting us that they should leave the serial. We need your support. They insulted me. They insulted me. He should apologize to me,” said actor Chandan Kumar.

Video: Telugu serial team attacked Kannada actor Chandan Kumar!

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