Champion: Actor Devraj released the trailer of the movie ‘Champion’

Sachin Dhanpal and Aditi Prabhudeva starrer movie ‘Champion’. This movie is directed by Shahuraj Shinde. But unfortunately he passed away. Currently, the film team is preparing to release this movie. The movie will hit the screens across the state on October 14 and the trailer of the movie has also been released. Notably, this trailer has been released by veteran actor Devraj.

Actor Devraj later said, ‘When producer Shivanand and actor Sachin came to my house, I thought that a producer and a hero had come. After that, I was happy to know about their friendship. I have also acted in this film,’ said actor Devaraj.

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The film’s hero Sachin Dhanpal said, ‘I never thought that I would act in a film. Because my father, all of them are in the army. I also wrote the exam. But was not selected. I came to Bangalore 12 years ago and was working. A few years ago, my friend Sivananda made me a hero through the film ‘Champion’, as promised. You have prepared a lot for this film. Sunny Leone has stepped into a song of this film’, shared the information.

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Aditi Prabhudeva, the heroine of the film ‘Champion’ said, ‘The main reason for me to act in this film is director Shahuraj Shinde. It is very sad that he is gone today. I am proud of Shivanand, a producer from North Karnataka. It is really a pleasure that he has produced a film for a friend. Sachin acted well in the first film. My role is also good. May all of you support our film’ he said.

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Producer Shivananda S. has made a movie for a friend. Neelannavar said, ’14 years ago, I told my friend Sachin Dhanpal, ‘If I get too angry, I will make you a hero’. Now that saying is true. I produced the film ‘Champion’ starring Sachin Dhanpal. This film started in 2019. Then Covid.. Then the sudden death of Shahuraj Shinde, the director of our film. After crossing many hurdles, the film has now reached the stage of release. My friends from North Karnataka are promoting their own film like this. Many of my family and Sachin’s family are serving in the army. We have many friends in the Army. We also have their support.’

Saravanan Natarajan has done the cinematography for ‘Champion’ while Dhanu Master has done the choreography. Ajanish Loknath has given music for the songs.

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