Buddies: College Friends Buddies: Who is in Kiran Raj starrer cinema?

Harish Basavaraj
Kiran Raj, the hero of Kannada serial fame, has been intrigued by the movie ‘Buddy’s’, which details other artists.

Sandalwood has attracted audiences with a number of movies with a college and friendship story. Director Buddhadez Shetty said that ‘Buddy’s’ released this week is a similar story but it is a friendship that is new to all. As Buddy’s name suggests, this is a movie that emphasizes friendship. There is a different and unimaginable story with Friendship. It features a number of artists and details of their roles.

Kiran Raj: The ‘Buddy’s’ climax at the theater cannot be brought back without tears: Actor Kiran Raj
Siri Prahlad: Siri Prahlad, who made her way to Sandalwood through the movie ‘A Shikari Story’, is currently working on a few films including ‘Vijayananda’. She is the heroine in the film ‘Buddy’s’ and plays the role of an engineering college student. Director Suresh Shetty says he is a bit mature for this role.

Gopal Deshpande: Talented actor Gopal Deshpande has already acted in a variety of roles in many films. Now, for the first time, he is playing a villain in the movie ‘Buddy’s’. His role as a police officer is how he bothers the hero and his buddies.

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Arvind Bolar: Arvind Bolar, a renowned comedy actor from the Tulu cinema, acted as a college lecturer in the film. He is also known for his comedy timing at Castlewood, where he is also known for his ‘buddies’.

Reputed technicians
Theater Artists: Sandalwood’s renowned technicians have also worked with experienced artists in the film. Juda Sandy composed the music while Defendant Danny composed the adventure. “What we need is our cinematographer Bharati Shetty. The film is produced by Bharati Shetty. All are from a theater background. “Every character complements the story I wrote,” said the director.

Buddy’s is not just a college, a bunch of fun. There is also a serious story. The whole cinema is innovative. The film has been shot for about 65 days, says director Idzej Shetty.

Kiran Raj: ‘Buddy’s’ to Surprise Audience with Kiran Raj
Buddies of the theater
Kiran Raj has three friends in this movie. Rohan Sai, Vinay Sangeet and Girish Hegde also star in the film. From an early age, he has been associated with Kiran Raj in college. According to the director, the trio are theater-goers and have been chosen to suit the story.

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