Biography of Cafe Coffee Day Founder VG Siddhartha: T-Series

Popularly known as ‘Coffee King’ is VGSiddhartha. VG Siddhartha, the ‘Coffee King’ who spread the coffee grounds of Chikkamagaluru district by establishing Cafe Coffee Day. VG Siddhartha, an entrepreneur who employed many unemployed youths, committed suicide in July 2019. VG Siddhartha’s biopic will now be a cinema.

Publishing House Pan Macmillan India has previously announced the release of the biography of the late VG Siddhartha, founder of Cafe Coffee Day. The book titled ‘Coffee King: The Swift Rise and Sudden Death of Cafe Coffee Day Founder VG Siddhartha’ will be released soon. This book will unveil the life of VG Siddhartha, his upbringing as an entrepreneur, his loss in business, the financial crisis, and finally his death.

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The same book is now acquired by Prablien Kaur Sandhu and T-Series of Almighty Motion Picture in collaboration with Karma Media Entertainment.

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The biography of ‘Coffee King: The Swift Rise and Sudden Death of Cafe Coffee Day Founder VG Siddhartha’ was written by investigative journalists Rukmini.BR and Prosenjit Dutta. The book is being published by Pan MacMillan.

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Bhushan Kumar, President and Managing Director of T-Series said, “Everyone is familiar with the Cafe Coffee Day brand. We are excited to bring to life the curious biopic of the man who set up the country’s largest retail-chain. ”

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Prablien Kaur Sandhu of Almighty Motion Picture said, “Cafe Coffee Day is one of India’s most beloved brands. We are embracing the seven ups and downs of VG Saddartha’s life on that brand. It is a book of in-depth research. We are going to bring out many aspects of the businessman’s life. ”

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