Bhavana Menon will be playing a double role in ‘Pink Note’

Harish Basavaraj
Kannadigar’s favorite actress Bhavana Menon has accepted a new movie with the film ‘Jackie’.

The two thousand rupee note is pink. It’s called a Pink Note. Now a movie of the same name has been set. Malayali Kannada Bhavana Menon is playing the heroine in this movie. This is the first time he is appearing in a double role.

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Rakshan is directing the movie ‘Pink Note’. Raksha is behind SS He has worked with directors such as Narayan and Dinesh Babu. He also directed ‘Hi’. After that, he had planned to remake Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’ in Kannada. Pink Note is his second film.

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‘Everyone needs money. I’m going through this movie to see what happens when it goes back. I sent the story to Jackie Bhavana by mail. Having read it, he happily admitted that I had never done a role like this. One character in the dual role is homely, another a little different. The film is being produced by Durina Anandappa based in Davangere. ”

The film was inspired by the real events in Mangalore in 2010. Rakshan has written the story and screenplay. There is also a special message for women along with commercial elements in cinema. It is not yet decided who will be the hero of the film. Padmaja Rao, Srinivasa Prabhu, Nisha and others are in the cast.

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“We plan to shoot 60 per cent in Dubai as most of the story takes place in Arab countries. My story has been used for real events and news in the newspaper. ”

The film will be shot in Bangalore, Udupi, Malpe and Chikkamagaluru. Jessie Gift composes music for three songs written by Dr. Nagendra Prasad. Jagdish is writing a dialogue.

Duddu is the most important thing in a man’s life. In my story we are showing what happened to the story of those who went behind the money. Whenever a ‘Pink Note’ is used, people think it is a two thousand rupee note. It has nothing to do with that. Director Rakshan said that the reason for the story was that it was a title match.

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