Bharat Bopanna of ‘Brahmagantu’ fame entered the Tamil film industry as a villain

Harish Basavaraj
Many artists of the Kannada film industry have gone to other languages ​​and become famous. Now the popular television actor Bharath Bopanna has moved to Tamil and is playing the lead role in Arun Vijay starrer ‘Accham Ambadu Illey’. Thalaivi is the director of this movie
A.L. Vijay is saying action cut.

Bharat Bopanna, who made a name for himself by acting in famous Kannada TV serials like ‘Radha Kalyana’, ‘Girija Kalyana’ and ‘Brahma Gantu’, stepped onto the silver screen with the movie ‘Demo Piece’. He did an attention-grabbing act in the first movie and is playing an important role in the movie ‘Vijayananda’. Now he is acting in Tamil movies.

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I am playing the main villain in this movie directed by Vijay. Three or four years ago I was A.L. I was selected for the movie Vijay. Due to some reasons, I could not act in that movie. Remembering that, Vijay called me and asked me if I would do a negative role in the movie ‘Accham…’. When such a big director asked, he could not say no. I was also curious about my role. Bharat Bopanna said after knowing that, I agreed to act.

‘Brahmagantu’ actor Bharat Bopanna in ‘Vijayananda’ biopic; The first look of the character is released!
“I am playing a young villain and my character introduction was shot in London. Vijay shows how extreme this young villain will go to do what he wants. I am preparing for this role in many ways including gymnastics. Bharat will start shooting in Chennai from next week.

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Vijayananda will hit the screens on December 9
Dr. Bharat Bopanna acted in Vijay Sankeshwar’s biopic ‘Vijayananda’. Talking about that movie, he said, ‘Dr. I am playing Vijay Sankeshwar’s son Anand Sankeshwar in this movie. Here I am seen in a clean shaven look. On the day of the Muhurta ceremony of this movie, Vijay Sankeshwar’s wife and many of his family members said, ‘You really look like Anand Sankeshwar’, which was a great compliment to me. Vijayananda movie is hitting the screens on December 9 and will be released in five languages ​​as a grand release.

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