Bengaluru was shocked in 1983; Dhanveer starrer ‘Kaiva’ has a real story

Actor Dhanveer who is already very famous from the movies ‘Bazaar’ and ‘Buy to Love’. Now he has a row of movies in hand. Today (September 8) is his birthday. Dhanveer has given a special gift in that context. Yes, the first look of his upcoming movie ‘Kaiva’ has been released. This is a movie based on real events, which has created a lot of curiosity.

Specially, this first look poster by Dr. Rajkumar and ‘Power Star’ Dr. Dhanveer is dedicating it to Puneeth Rajkumar. Dr. Kantheerava studio. Rajkumar and Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar will visit the grave site and launch the first look there.

A special gift is ready for Dhanveer’s birthday; The look of the film ‘Kaiva’ which has created curiosity
What is ‘Kaiva’?
‘Kaiva’ is a film based on true events. Jayathirtha, the director of the film, posted a post about this, ‘On September 13, 1983, at 3.20 in the afternoon, a tragedy happened. Then the whole of Bangalore was shocked. But she waited for Kaiva to come. Satyaghatane.. Premkathe.. Masige Mass… Classige Classe..’

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Karaga in the film ‘Kaiva’
Since this movie is based on a story from 4 decades back, the Bangalore of 1983 is being recreated for the film. ‘Kaiva movie is a story that takes place in Bangalore’s Tigal district. We are going to show the life style of the people there, the environment and so on in the movie. Melting is a part of life for the people of that region. Karaga comes in this movie too. For that we are recreating Karaga. How does dissolution take place? We have studied all the facts about its preparation after seeing the recent meltdown,’ says director Jayathirtha.

Dhanveer Gowda’s share of the ‘Kaiva’ movie story, which was admired by many heroes; Directed by Jayathirtha
Megha Shetty is the heroine to accompany Dhanveer
Megha Shetty is playing the female lead for Dhanveer in this film. Megha is seen as a girl who loves the hero immensely. We are showing her as a girl of that time. Dhanveer’s look will change completely in this film, he will be seen in a retro look. The story of the film ‘Kaiva’ is that both the hero and the heroine are poor, and what happens when the rich class troubles them and upsets their innocence.

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