Banaras: Banaras Boycott; Neither I nor my father have anything to do with this matter: Zaid Khan

Chamarajpet MLA and former Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan’s son Zaid Khan today submitted a request to the Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai to play the National Anthem in theaters of the state. This time he talked about cinema boycott.

The National Anthem and Nad Gita, which are the symbol of our country, country and music, should be heard by everyone from the old to the young. The significance of Nad Gita should sink into the hearts of the present and future generations. So we have requested that the Chief Minister should make the National Anthem and the National Anthem play in the theaters of the state from now on. Actor Zaid Khan said that the Chief Minister will discuss with the Film Board and take a decision on this.

‘Sudeep, Yash have a Mercedes Benz, I also have a Maruti Van..’- Actor Zayed Khan

On the same occasion, Zaid Khan answered a question from the media and said, “I have been told by CM Basavaraj Bommai to watch the movie Banaras. Does anyone care about the boycott of the movie? What is my fault? If I had done something wrong, I would have accepted it. There is no boycott. There is defeat and victory in the world. If a person loses, the movie does not run. “Andre gives the reason. The movie is good, people watch it,” said Zaid Khan.

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Zaid Khan said, “I am an actor, me, my film is the same. Me and my father are not related in this matter. I do my work as an artist.”

Zaid Khan is making his entry into the film industry with ‘Banaras’. Achyut Kumar, Devaraj, Sujay Shastri, Barkat Ali, Swapna Raj, Chiranth etc have acted in ‘Banaras’. The movie is releasing on November 4. For the past few days, Zaid Khan’s words in the press conference, Zameer Ahmed Khan’s statements, some organizations are requesting that the film should be boycotted.

Jayathirtha who has given movies like ‘Olave Mandara’, ‘Tony’, ‘Beautiful Manasulu’, ‘Bell Bottom’ has directed the movie ‘Banaras’. Sonal Manthero plays the female lead for Zayed Khan.

‘Sudeep, Yash have a Mercedes Benz, I also have a Maruti Van..’- Actor Zayed Khan

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