Banaras: ‘Banaras’ actor Zaid Khan made a special appeal to the Muslim community

Actor Zaid Khan starrer ‘Banaras’ movie (Banaras Movie) has collected 3 crore rupees on the first day, the film team has officially said. It is expected that more people will watch this film during the weekends. At this time, Zaid Khan has made a request to the Muslim community.

As Zaid Khan said..
There is a shortage of our Muslim community watching Kannada films. You watch Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam movies, I am not saying you should not watch them. But give first priority to Kannada.

We are Indians first, then Kannadigas, then Muslims. No one gives up their language. Andhra, Tamil Nadu people did not give up their language. So we should not give up our language

Today, the whole world is not just watching the same movie KGF, it is turning around and applauding. Please watch Kannada movies and use Kannada language. If you give us courage we can make a big budget movie like Hindi.

‘After KGF, Kantara, Banaras is another Pan India movie..’- Actor Yashas Surya

Shout boycott before release

Even before the release of this film, the cry of Boycott Banaras was heard. Zaid responded, “I have not done anything wrong. Casteism is wrong. I have made a film with hard work and I believe that people will watch our film. I will not bother with the boycott campaign. Some people will have a negative opinion even if I am Zaid Khan. I am a Muslim. “I have accepted this,” he said.

Zaid Khan appealed to the CM
Since he is a Hindu character in the movie, Zaid dubbed his role with someone else because he did not want to use Muslim slang. Zaid Khan requested CM Basavaraja Bommai that Nad Geeta should be performed in the theatre. Zaid Khan, who had studied in a Hindu school, did not care about religion or caste.

‘Time travel is a complicated matter.. put it simply..’- 777 Charlie director Kiranraj

Banaras movie starring Zayed Khan and Sonal Monteiro has been released on November 4 in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam languages ​​across the country. This film was directed by Jayathirtha.

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