Bairagee: Shivanna, Dolly, Butterfly reunited for ‘Bairagi’ after ‘Tagaru’

Dhananjay and Vasishtha are the villains in Century Star’s Shivarajkumar starrer ‘Tagaru’. The two young actresses had a good break from the movie. Shivanna, Dolly, Butterfly Combination also pleased the onlookers. Now fans can watch this combination again. It is through Bairagee cinema. Yes, Shivraj Kumar, Dali Dhananjay and Vasishta Simha have joined together for the film ‘Baigai’ which is set to open on July 1. But, Vasishta is not acting in ‘Biragi’ cinema!

Vasishtha lion as singer this time
It is already known that Shivanna and Dhananjay face off in ‘Biragi’ cinema. Shivarajkumar plays the role of Shivappa Anno while Dhananjay is seen in a different look. But Vasishta is not acting here. Instead, sound like a power full song. Sakhat Famous is also a singer, a lioness with a voice of khadak. Now Anoop Sileen has composed a song for ‘Biraigi’ with Sathyan and Anya Bhatt of ‘KGF’ fame.

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Shivanna and Sharan have already sung!
The song ‘Bairagi’ has been released. That too was a Sakhat hit. Then another song titled Rhythm Of Shivappa was released. Most notably, this song is sung by Shivanna himself. Actor Sharan has also sung with him. Now Vasishtha Lion has joined that line. The film will soon be releasing a song that has the loudest sound. Actor Vasishtha Sinha is part of ‘Biragi’ along with Shivanna and Dhananjay singing together in cinema.

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Shivraj Kumar will be seen in quite different looks in ‘Biragi’. The film features Shivrajkumar, Dhananjay, Prithvi Ambar, Yasha Sivakumar and Sashikumar Anjali. In addition to directing the film, Vijay Milton also wrote the story, screenplay and cinematography. The film has Guru Kashyap’s dialogue. Jagdish Gowda is distributing the film ‘Biragi’ across the state. This is the 50th film for music director Anoop Seelin.

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Vasishta Simha

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