Ashitha: ‘Baa Baro Rasika’ actress Ashitha who left the film after a dark experience in the film industry.

Ashitha Maria Crasta, who entered the film industry as a child actress, acted in ‘Tavarina Siri’, ‘Ba Baro Rasika’, ‘Chandini’, ‘Aakash’ and did not do any film after ‘Road Romeo’. Actress Ashita, who played the role of Dr Shivrajkumar’s ‘Tavarina Siri’ and Puneeth Rajkumar’s sister in ‘Aakash’, recently told director Raghuram why she did not do the film.

In a recent interview, actress Ashita said why actress Ashita never entered the film industry after the movie ‘Road Romeo’.

What did Ashita say?
“Cinema started becoming commercial in 2005-2006. Apart from cinema, many people who were in the industry started making films. In the beginning of my career, there was no problem. When people started recognizing me, I was made some demands. I didn’t fulfill them. I don’t come from that kind of family. I have to do films. “I didn’t. If I get the right opportunity, I am still ready to do a film,” said actress Ashita.

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Those who demanded me had no knowledge of cinema
Actress Ashita said, “I have also experienced Meetoo. They gave me a lot of trouble on the set of the movie because I didn’t fulfill all their wishes. This happened after I became a recognized actress. It was not difficult to act with big artists, but people who have no knowledge about movies demand me.”

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No regrets for not doing the film

“Even now, many people recognize me and ask why you don’t do films. I am happy that people still say this, that’s enough. I don’t really regret not doing films,” said actress Ashita.

Today people tell me to make a film
“I don’t know whether the film industry will give me a chance or not. But people tell me to do films. That’s the biggest thing for me. As long as I got good people, I did films. When the atmosphere was not good, then I left, that’s all,” actress Ashita said.

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