Ashika Ranganath: Actress Ashika Ranganath is the goddess of Simple Suni ‘Gathavaibhava’

Director Simple Suni’s long awaited movie ‘Gathavaibhava Movie’. Dushyant, son of MLA from Gubbi Constituency, Dushyant is making his debut in Kannada cinema as a hero through this movie. Suni, who had already released the Dushyant introduction teaser in a different way, has now introduced the heroine to the film lovers.

Aashika is the heroine of ‘Gathavaibhavka’
Movie fans were curious about who will be the heroine of ‘Gatha Vaibhava’. It has now been answered. Even after the hero introduction teaser, Suni has introduced the heroine in her own style. How Suni agreed to make Aashika the heroine for the new hero has been shown through a small glimpse. At the end of the video, the heroine Ashika Ranganath has revealed that the beauty of the goddess shines in the getup.

Ashika Ranganath, the goddess
The romantic love story ‘Gatavaibhava’ movie will also have scientific thriller content and is already 40% complete. Aashika will be paired opposite Dushyant in the film, playing the role of a maiden and a Portuguese girl. He has written the story-screenplay and dialogues for the movie ‘Gatavaibhava’, Deepik and Suni are producing the film under Suni Cinemas, William David has camera work, Judah Sandy has music for the film.

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In the movie Simple Suni, the heroine has an important role
The heroine seems to have a very important role in the story written by Simple Suni for Dushyant. When Aashika told this story to him, Khushi accepted this movie. The video of his character look was released today. Apart from this, the film team has released a funny video about how Aashika accepted this movie, which has received a lot of appreciation.

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Where will the shooting take place?
Now only the first schedule of Gatavaibhava is shooting. The second schedule will be held in Mangalore. Simple Suni has already completed 30% shooting in Kodagu. As this film has a bit of fantasy story, the set may also have to be shot. In Simple Suni, Sharan and Ashika Ranganath combination, the movie ‘Avatara Purush’ was released.

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