Appu, the god in cinemas; Fans watching ‘Luckyman’ with emotion

Harish Basavaraj
Appu is god for fans. Now he has acted as God on screen as well, which got a good response with the release of the movie ‘Luckyman’ last Friday (September 9). Fans who have seen Puneeth as God on screen are getting emotionally connected with the movie.

Aarti lit appu fans
Puneeth Rajkumar played the role of God in the movie ‘Luckyman’ starring ‘Darling’ Krishna. Thus he is not in a mythological costume. Instead he is a modern god. Fans are thrilled to see Appu as God in theaters across Karnataka on Friday. Many fans shed tears in the cinema. Camphor aarti is lit in some other places.

Puneeth Rajkumar who came in the form of God; Fans are happy to see ‘Lucky Man’ teaser
I am moved to tears – Krishna
‘Luckyman did not survive as a movie. It is a special experience. When I visit multiplexes and some cinemas, I see girls shouting ‘appu appu’, so much love this man has got. Fans are writing and tagging about the movie and Appu on social media. It brings tears to my eyes. Seeing him on screen makes me want to whistle. He has laughed many times in this movie,’ says lead actor Krishna.

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Appu’s fan Ramesh, who watched the movie at the Dancer Theater in Bangalore, said, ‘It was a pleasure to see Appu’s dance and his screen presence on screen. While he was dancing we all stood in front of the screen and danced. We were both happy and sad to see his dance for the last time’, he says.

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People whistle and dance when Appu and Prabhudeva dance. As soon as it is over, the making video of all the scenes played by Appu sir will be played. Then the entire theater will be silent enough to hear a needle drop. Every audience gets bored watching him and leaves the theater. ‘Luckyman’ is not my film, it is Appu’s film.
– ‘Darling’ Krishna, actor

If you see the excitement of Appu’s fans, you will be glad that I did not act in such a movie. In the theater where I saw the movie, firecrackers were set off and the God was brought to a drought.
– Nagabhushan, actor

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