Anekal Balaraj: Anekal Balaraj is the producer of the film ‘Kariya’

Sandalwood producer Anekal Balaraj has passed away. Anekal Balaraj, who made his entry into Kannada cinema as a black producer, later produced many films. Anekal Balaraj was seriously injured in a road accident in JP Nagar today (May 15). He was immediately rushed to the hospital, but breathed his last. He was 58 years old. Cinema dignitaries condole death of Anekal Balaraj

What was the accident?
Balaraj was walking near his residence in JP Nagar when he got an accident. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and treated. However, he died from a severe head injury, which was ineffective.

The actress who starred in the ‘No Smoking’ commercial is now the heroine of Kannada cinema!
Film entry from ‘black’ cinema
Anekal Balaraj made his film debut in 2003 by producing ‘Kaarya’. It was his debut movie. Director Jogi Prem was also a black film. Darshan, who was on the mainland of Abhinayashree’s ‘Kariya’, has been featured in Real Rowdies. Gurukiran has composed music for ‘Kariya’ which is an underworld subject. The songs were a big hit. Initially opened at the Kapali Cinema in Bangalore, the film had a successful 56-day run. But it was released again at the urging of the audience. The film was then 100 days old in some theaters. The film has been re-written many times and written.

Santosh Ragged in Karya 2
Balaraj’s son is also a hero
Santosh, son of Anekal Balaraj, is also a hero in the film industry. Anekal Balaraj has produced ‘Kempa’, ‘Janma’ and ‘Ganapha’ films for his son. ‘Ganapha’ has been a big hit for Santosh Courier. Also, Anekal Balaraj had produced ‘Kariya 2’ cinema under the leadership of his son Santosh. The untimely death of Anekal Balaraj, who is still dreaming of making many films in Sandalwood, is sad.

Santosh, actor of ‘Ganapha’ and ‘Kariya 2’