Andrew Jayapal: Bigg Boss Kannada Contestant Andrew Jayapal’s Wedding Akshata Pandavapura, Naveen Sajju Bhagi

Kannada actor, former Kannada Bigg Boss Kannada season 6 contestant Andrew Jayapal alias Andy has entered married life. Christian Angel got married in a church in Bangalore.

Arrange marriage
This is called arranged marriage. Parents have arranged Andy’s marriage. Andy, who was not seen on screen much after Bigg Boss, has now suddenly stepped into married life. Andy’s close friends, both families attended this wedding.

Andy is a former Bigg Boss contestant turned TV show host

The wedding took place in Bangalore
Andy’s wedding was held in a church in Bangalore and a reception was also held in the evening on the same day. Celebrity singer Antony Dassan graced this wedding. Akshata shared Andrew’s wedding photo on social media and wished her a happy marriage.

Complaint against Kannada Bigg Boss contestant Andy: What does the channel want?

He was the host of the program ‘Bill Nimdu, Duddu Namdu’. Bigg Boss contestants Akshata Pandavapura, Naveen Sajju, Oggarane Murali were present in this wedding. Andrew stayed in the Bigg Boss house for 98 days. Andrew, who reached the finale, was placed 4th. Andrew had a lot of fights with Kavita, this fight continued even after leaving the house. The fight they had went to the point of filing a complaint at the police station.

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