Amulya Sandalwood, 15 years old; Featured write-up is a pampered face actress

Amulya, the heroine of the face of Cheluvina Chittara, who has been promoted as a heroine at the age of 14, has been a heroine of Cheluvina Chittara. In ‘Cheluvu Chittara’, Sandalwood became the ‘hero’ of Golden Star Ganesh. It’s been 15 years since the ‘Cheluvu Chittara’ screen was unveiled. She shared a special post on social media on this special day.

What did the actress say to Amulia?

The first film, Cheluvu Chittara, was never the only cinema in my life. It is a dream that has given me a new direction to paint my dream.

I am forever grateful to Shri S Narayan Sir, who introduced me as a heroine actress in the film Cheluvu Chittara and made me famous with the name Aisu in the minds of the Kannada people.

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I am also a fan of the filmmakers, camera man, make-up man and the media, as well as all the fans, who have been responsible for the great success of the film. Your goodness and love wishes for me.

Amoola Busy With Family
Amulya is the mother of two sons, who have starred in Kannada. After marrying Jagdish R Chandra, Amulya has not acted in any of the films. As a precious mother with a good rapport with the film industry, she is busy taking care of children. In addition, they are gaining weight quickly and are back. To the surprise of fans, she shared a new photoshoot on social media.

Kamali Actress Amulya In Modern Look

The box office hit
‘Cheluvu Chittara’ was a big hit for many including Golden Star Ganesh, Amulya. All the songs in the film were directed by Manmoorthy. The film, which was a remake of the Tamil ‘Kadhal’, ran for over 175 days at Sandalwood Theater.

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