Ambareesh: Ambarish Punyathiathi: Politicians And Celebrities Who Launched ‘Kaliyuga Karna’ – celebrities and politicians remembers rebel star


  • Rebel Star Ambarish is in her third year
  • ‘Nammura Hummeera’ is a lush green in the hearts of the fans
  • Ambarishran’s remembered stars and politicians

Mandya’s Male, Kalyuga Karna, Rebel Star Ambarish His third year Goodbye Today. It has been three years since the journey of the fan-loving Ambarish. Even though Ambarish is not with us physically, ‘Nammura Hammeera’ is a tattoo on the hearts of fans.

Celebrations, politicians and fans are celebrating ‘Goodwill’ today as part of Ambarish’s third anniversary. Ambarish is his wife in the convent studio Sumalatha Ambarish, Son Abhishek Ambarish visited and worshiped.

Sumalatha appeals to Ambi fans
Sumalatha Ambarish, who kept her husband
Sumalatha wrote the lyrics, remembering her husband Ambarish as part of her third year of goodwill. ” As the day goes on, the years go by… life goes on, it goes down. It is our share of laughter and pain before it melts. ”

“Once in a while my heart stopped beating, nodding, giggling, life as I walked through my laughing mask and into my chest.”

” Sometimes I find you everywhere, to convey the words of my heart. Why do you hide and not listen to me? ”

” Once again, you remember, all my pain is hidden and floating in laughter. Don’t close your eyes again, you’ll find yourself everywhere. ”

” I do not travel without you. “With me, remember your moment with us and embark on my journey again,” Sumalatha Ambarish tweeted.

Abhishek, Ambi’s son advised to dive into politics
Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai
“Popular artist, fan favorite Rebel star, felicitations of former Union minister Shri Ambarish.

Ambi Jayanti: A humble plea for no public celebration
R. Ashok
“Let us remember the famous actor and fan favorite rebel star of Kannada cinema, former Ambassador Shri Ambarish, on the occasion of his felicitation.”

Sunil Puranik
“The dignitaries, Rebel Star, former MPs and ministers who have been admired by all for their friendship, love and kindness in Kannada cinema have been honored by Mr. Ambarish.”

Ambarish Birthday Celebration
Narayana Gowda
“Our Mandya male and favorite Ambarishanna spent three years behind us. His memory is still green today. In the Kannadigas densely populated country, though not with us physically

Shobha Karandlaje
“I pay tribute to the popular actor of Kannada cinema, Rebel Star Sri Ambarish, who was impressed by his performance in Kannada art. They have been permanently in the minds of fans due to their generous service. ”

Dr. K. Sudhakar
“The artist who earned millions of fans by his own distinctive acting style, is a tribute to the late Rebel Star Sri Ambarish, who has made love to everyone. He has always been immortalized with the Janasevaya and populist behavior. ”

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