Akshaya tertiary: Kannada actresses love jewelry

Shubha Vikas
Some believe in augmenting wealth. Others enjoy wearing jewelry. The name Akshaya Tritiya is the name of the day when the two are combined. It is a good day for jewelry buyers and wearers.

In spite of fashion and prestige, gold is a treasure that helps the calamity. It doesn’t matter what kind of jewelry you wear. But when it comes to investing, the easiest way for females is to sandalwood actresses, who share a passion for their jewelry, their companionship, and their financial concerns.

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Amrita, who promotes her wedding:
I have no special interest in jewelry. But when it comes to investing, females must show special concern about gold. That’s what my friends always say. It is a common saying that females should collect as much ornaments as possible before the wedding. Otherwise, buying gold is the biggest financial crisis as marriage approaches. Mum always buy jewelery for me. We have the tradition of buying something every day of Akshaya Third Party. This time I had the excitement of buying in Dubai for Akshaya tertiary. For the first time, I took the ring and chain in my edit. Enjoyed giving jewelry.

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Gold Power for Payana:
Mom and sister often buy jewelry for me. I don’t like to wear jewelry. But when it comes to investing, I focus on gold. Females are less likely to focus on Nana investments than males. Thus, you have to invest in money, whatever the decoration. My whole time favorite jewelery was purchased for my brother’s wedding including saru, bangles and earrings. I bought Zumaka for Akshaya Tertiary this year. Buy a treasure at any festival, festival, ceremony, faith. I invest heavily in jewelry as a sister’s advice.

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Grow Growth:
Akshaya tertiary ie auspicious day for augmenting wealth. Purchasing gold during the festive season should help. Thus the practice of buying something is good. We buy Akshay Tertiary every year at our house. I have no plans to buy something like this this year. But I’ll buy something. The gold watch that Dad gave me was still close to me when I spotted him swimming nationally. The Ganesha pendant I bought on my first earnings is always with me.

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