Actor Vinay Rajkumar is the gang leader in the film ‘Pepe’

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The shooting of the movie ‘Pepe’, which made a lot of noise due to the title and first look, is complete. When the teaser was released, many people spoke highly of this movie.

New boy Srilesh S Nair has directed this movie. The film team, which had been busy shooting for so long, broke the pumpkin for shooting after the climax scene shooting in Sakaleshpur. A fighting scene composed by action director Ravi Varma has been shot.

The story of a gang war that will take place in a village is in this movie. Actor Vinay Rajkumar has done only a few films, but he has experimented with new types of films since the beginning. In this movie, he has painted the role of a gang leader. Teaser, Poster has complete mass look. Vinay’s bloody photos have already gone viral.

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This is my first action movie. I accepted this movie because the script was good. Although ‘Pepe’ is the hero, the characters around him are very important. The fights in this movie are intense, and each screen is very well done. The audience will like it’ said Vinay Rajkumar.

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Kajal Kunder is playing the female lead in the film. The star cast includes famous Kannada villain Yash Shetty, Aruna Balraj, Naveen D Padil, Bala Rajwadi, Medini Kelamani. Camera work by Abhishek Kasaragodu, music direction by Purnachandra Tejaswi. Shot in Kodagu, Sakaleshpur.

I played the role of Rugged in the movie Sa’Pepe’. My name is Pradeepa in this. But the boys keep calling him Pepe. Actor Vinay Rajkumar said that this is a cult movie

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