Actor Sarath Lohitashwa appealed to the public saying, ‘Please don’t do that.’

Veteran Kannada film actor Lohitashwa’s health condition is serious. A few days ago, he was admitted to a private hospital in Bangalore and is being treated. He was suffering from age-related ailments and had difficulty breathing. In the meantime, he also had a heart attack. Currently on ventilator, he is being treated. But Lohitashwa’s son Sarath Lohitashwa is upset that some people are spreading false news about his health. He has written about that on his Facebook account and requested, ‘Please don’t do that..’

Father’s health condition is serious
Sarath Lohitashwa has commented on this and said, ‘Our father’s health condition is serious. Currently, he is still undergoing treatment at Sagar Hospital. The public is known to be spreading the news that he is no more. Please don’t do that. He appealed to the public to pray for our father along with the prayers of the family.

Lohitashwa: Kannada actor Lohitashwa, who has appeared in more than 500 movies, is in critical condition
‘On the third day after being admitted to the hospital, he developed breathing problems and had a heart attack right before my eyes. The doctor immediately performed CPR. Currently his condition is very serious. We are not sure about that. His son, actor Sarath Lohitashwa, informed about Lohitashwa’s health that he is currently being treated on a ventilator in the ICU.

Lohitashwa longs to see his grandson!
Acting in more than 500 movies, Lohitashwa was involved in drama, television serials and movies. Lohitashwa is a retired English professor. He has worked as a professor in various fields for 40 years. Lohitashwa, who has a straightforward nature, has a lot of love for rural life.

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Lohitashwa has three children, one of whom is Sarath Lohitashwa who is known as the best villain in Kannada film industry. Name of Vatsala’s wife. Abhimanyu, AK 47, Avatar Purush, Chinna, New Water, Gajendra, Vishwa, Pratap, Police Lockup, Readymade Ganda, Snehloka, Sundarakanda, Lion Cub, Three Births, Sangliana, Time Bomb, Lockup Death, Sambhawami Yuge Yuge, Ranchandi, Time He acted in many popular movies including Gombe, Sangrama, New Delhi, Sarathi. Lohitashva has a distinctive voice.

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