Actor ‘Dali’ Dhananjaya wrote 8 songs for Mysore movie

Orchestra is popular in any event such as Ganesha festival, Kannada Rajyotsava, Annamma, wedding. A film about such an orchestra is ready to take to the screen. The image has the tag of Mysore. Recently the trailer of this movie has been released and those who have seen it are called Super.

Another highlight of the film is the actor Daali Dhananjaya, who has written eight songs for the film. Raghu Dixit has composed the music. The first time Dolly composed so many songs in a movie is special. The song ‘Barisu Kannada Dindimava’, which was produced by the Mysore boys a few years back, became very popular. Now the same team has produced the film.

What did Dali Dhananjaya say?
“We all had to make a play at Mysore’s college. We turned our heads to the falling whistle. Then came the realization of the acting of the film. Then people came back in. My friends have been with me since my first days. “Dolly Dhananjaya.

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What did director Sunil say?
“I first started talking about Nethran and Kripakar and Senani of Mysore. Our band in Mysore. All my friends are interested in theater. We are known for the Gandhinagar cinema in Bangalore. Sunil.

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The story revolves around a boy who aspires to be an ‘orchestra’ singer. The hero of this film in full. Rajalakshmi is the heroine. Theater artists such as Dilip Raj, Nagabhushan and Mahesh have acted in this. Joseph has done photography. Dolly wrote all the songs. Music by Raghu Dixit. Director Sunil informed us that Krg Studios and Dolly Pictures are offering our film.

“As we turned around talking about the story and the theater around Mysore, Kripakar and Senani helped us with their own camera and editing setup and photographer. Kartik Gowda and Yogi Ji Raj of RG Studios are facilitating the release. Thank you all. ”

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What did Dilip Raj say?
“I am originally from the theater. I am eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Orchestra’. The film has been well received by the efforts of the youth team.

Raghu Dixit is also a producer
“I am Mysore. I got acquainted with the actor through actor Nagabhushan. Director Sunil Penn drove the film. The work started to look. My office in Mysore is Narendra’s place. I liked the two lines written by Dalಲಿ. I took responsibility for directing music without getting paid, so I was decided by a producer, ”said Raghu Dixit.

The cinema is great. Haste does not release the fold. Karthik Gowda of KRG Studios said the film will be released at the time of the ‘orchestra’ season from Ganesha’s festival to Rajyotsavam. Yogi Ji Raj also wished the film crew.

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