Abhishek Ambareesh: Krishna’s Cauvery Backdrop ‘Kali’ Story Abhishek Ambarish, son of a farmer

He was fascinated by his cinematography. Krishna became a director through ‘Gajakesari’ cinema. He is now directing the Hebbuli and Pailwan films and is preparing for the fourth cinema. He will be doing the film for ‘Young Rebel Star’ Abhishek Ambarish.

Abhishek Ambarish is currently filming ‘Bad Manners’. In the meantime, Krishna’s story is also okay. Abhishek, who was launched as a romantic hero in ‘Amar’, is appearing in the second film Moss Avatar. He will once again star in a romantic love story in the third film directed by Krishna. Though it is a romantic love story, there are plenty of mass elements.

Love Story of Kaveri Backdrop
Abhishek Ambareesh’s cinematic title is Kaali. The story of this movie will be held in Kaveri Backdrop. This is the story between a Kannada boy and a Tamil girl. I am making a tearful event, ‘says Krishna.

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“During 1991, the Kaveri riots were running very loud. This is the love story that took place around the Kallegala, Mahadeswara Hills. Kaveri Galate is the background here. It has no direct relation to the hero or heroine. We are showing how much trouble these characters have, ”Krishna said.

Commercial entertainer
‘It’s a love story, but it’s going to be a commercial entertainer. The cinema officially announces Ambarish’s birthday. Then we make a commercial. There are so many true stories to cover. This is one of those shrouded stories. I would say it’s a different kind of love story, ‘says Krishna.

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Folk music
As the story takes place around the hill station and the Mahadeswara hill, the directors intend to use the folk culture in the music. The word Soligar, Manteswamy, etc., is used in cinema. There are many interesting aspects of cinema, such as life in the ’90s, love in the era of mobile, and so on. The music itself is going to be great. I will be discussing with music directors soon to make a new effort in music. We thought of making this movie under our banner. We will be informed about this in the near future, ”Krishna said.

The village boy Abhi

Abhishek Ambarish will be cast as Illihalli Haid. A farmer’s son is going to college. Such is the character. Their look is going to change for a while and there are discussions about this. The shooting of Suri’s ‘Bad Manners’ will commence soon.

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“We do not know who is benefiting or disadvantaged in the riots. But some people get hurt. The story caught up in the Kaveri riot is in ‘Kali’ cinema. Krishna

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