Yash, Rajamouli & CN join Prabhas & Prashant Neil Ashwaththa Narayana!


  • ‘Salar’ cinema produced by ‘Bombay Films’
  • The film is getting ready at the Pan India level
  • Prashant Neel and Prabhas Combination
  • ‘Salar’ Muhurtha will be performed in Hyderabad

Get ready for the prestigious Homicide Films BannerSalar“Before the cinema set, there was a lot of noise around the country. Prashant Neil’s direction, Prabhas This image of the leadership is preparing to fulfill the pre-eminence of the centenary of the film. The film’s finale will be held on Friday, Jan. 15.

Prashant Neel’s film ‘Salar’ is a film production company that claims to be Indian cinema. The team is currently preparing for the film’s finale, which will be held in Hyderabad on Friday. This special event will be attended by dignitaries. The guest of honor on the occasion was Minister of State for Higher Education and Deputy Prime Minister, CN. Ashwaththa Narayana is participating.

Actor ‘Rocking Star’ Yash will be present at the event. Cellphone Showroom Rajamouli Will also participate. Already, the first look poster has made a huge noise nationwide. The Prabhas look has intrigued me. Prabhas has also spoken about their look.

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“I am very excited to be involved in the shooting and shooting of this film. I am excited to inform my fans more about my look, ”said Prabhas. The film will be completed by Friday and will be shot by the end of the same month. Already the preparations for it have begun. The rest of the cast information will be released in the coming days.

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