When will the horror story ‘Rathroratri’ be released?

The newcomers have teamed up for the film ‘Rathrorathri’. Cinema is a story that runs from six in the evening to six in the morning. Das’s son Pawan Kumar is a fighter for four hundred films

As a tempo driver, he receives a call from the hospital that his mother’s health is not good and it costs 50000. God goes without help from anyone. Then an acquaintance comes and tells you that if you carry a shroud to the place where you are, you will ask for money. When taking the body, it disturbs the air without leaving it. Why is that, who is she? What caused her death? That is, the scenarios unfold.

Written and directed by Deal Murali. Rachika and Diana are the heroines. Gangamma as the mother, Rajkant-Vinaykumar V Nayak as the villain, Divakar as the mage, Harish to laugh, Prasanna, Murali, Manoj and Sunil. Shot on Bidadi, Ramanagar, Mandya and Mysore highway roads.

Also, there are many incidents that scare me: Rashmika Mandanna

Tekki Sridharnarasimhan has composed the lyrics for the song about Amman. Photography is by Kirangaja, Compilation Solomon, Adventure Action Murthy. At a news conference on Monday, Valmiki Brahmananda Guruji arrived and wished the team well. The cinema will open in theaters on January 14. Pawan has invested through Chitralaya.

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