Venkateshwara Swamy’s film written by actor Brahmanandam is getting huge praise!

A famous comedian of Telugu cinema Brahmanandam Everyone laughs behind the scenes. His fame was in a thousand films. The audience laughed as Brahmanandam came on the screen. Most people don’t know that Brahmanandam has another amazing talent. Yes, Brahmanandam glamorously portrays the film. He has written beautiful pictures in the past and now he has written the news of the film Venthakeshwara Swamy. What’s special is that the film is getting a lot of praise. The film is on Sakhat Trending on the Internet!

Brahmi to Allu Arjun

Taking about 45 days, Venkateshwara Swamy’s film was written by Brahmanandam. He later gifted the film to actor Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun is excited about this. Share this pencil sketch on their social media account. ‘It is a gift that cannot be bought from actor Brahmanandam. He wrote a pencil sketch, which is 45 days’ worth of effort Allu Arjun.

Parliament also praised Shobha
Not only the fans, but also the politicians have given huge praise to the film. Udupi – Chikkamagaluru constituency Shobha Karandlaje He shared the film and said, ‘This is a wonderful film written by Telugu actor Shri Brahmanandam as a gift to actor Allu Arjun. It took them 45 days to create this wonderful image of Venkateswara. Greetings to you comedy Brahmi. You will never fail to inspire us, ‘he tweeted.

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Brahmi, who wrote the sketch of Ramanjaneya
He wrote Mother Teresa’s sketch just a few days ago and wrote a beautiful sketch of Rama and Anjaneya while he was worshiping the land for the construction of the Ram Mandir. Even then, Sakhat was viral on social media. Brahmanandam wrote the sketch of Anjaneya as Srirama embraced his devotee, Anjaneya.

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