The story of ‘Bell Bottom 2’ is the mystery of ‘Mari’ and ‘Gold’! Detective Divakara is back


  • An accomplished movie for ‘Bell Bottom 2’
  • Detective Diwakar prepares to tell a new story
  • Directed by Jayathirth, Produced by Santosh Kumar
  • Actress Tanya Hope’s new entry into the film industry

The victory Part 2 of the Bel Beltam film directed was a long time ago. Now officially ‘Bell Bottom 2‘Cinema is set. The film is being performed at the Dharmagiri Manjunatha Swamy Temple in Bangalore. In the main cast Rishab Shetty, Hyperemesis Going forward, the newlywed actress Tanya Hope Has joined.

Bell Bottom 2 is being produced by Santosh Kumar, the producer who invested in the first part. Delighted with the huge success of the first cinema, they are now producing lavishly. Almost all of the technicians and artists who worked on ‘Bell Bottom’ are continuing in this sequel. Cinematic work has begun with the aim of entertaining the audience again.

‘Power Star’ Puneeth Rajkumar wishes for the Mohanlal program. This time too, the responsibility of the story was set by T.K. Dayanand has taken over. In the 2nd part, the story’s canvas is enlarged and he will also fight the hero Detective Divaka! Back in the 80’s retro style, this movie is special. The film crew is getting ready for it.

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Ajaneesh Lokanath is in charge of music direction, Arvind Kashyap is in charge of photography and Raghu Nidavalli dialogue. The film is tagged as ‘Curious Case of Chenduwa’. There is a strong connection between the ball and the story of the film. ‘Marigold for this flower in English. The story of the film lies in two things – Mari and Gold, ”said director Jayatiertha. Filming will begin in the next two months.

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