The birthplace of Dr Rajkumar is produced in the name of Gajanur New Cinema; Who is the Hero?


  • The birthplace of the groom is Gazanur
  • Curious Gazanur
  • Puneet, a forgotten Gazanur

January 15th harvest festival. On this festive occasion, January 16th ‘GazanurThere will be a grand opening ceremony of the new movie. Featuring suspense thriller storytelling, Keerthi has written the story, screenplay and is directed by Vijay.

Gajanur is the first film directed by Vijay, who has worked as a co-director with famous directors like S. Mohan and Nandakishore Originally from Gulbarga, Avinash is making this film through Kritikaram Movies. This is his production debut.
The film has three songs and is composed by Sridhar V Sambhram.

The film has Tanvik cinematography, Amit Jawalkar compilation, Mass Model Adventure and Bhushan choreography. Krantikumar is writing a dialogue. The shoot will take place in Tirthahalli, Bangalore for 35 days. Avatar, Ravi Shankar, Tabalani, Kuri Pratap, Gopalakrishna Deshpande, Babu Hiranyaya, Tharanga Vishwa, Vani and Santu are in the cast. Recently, members of the film crew met with ADGP Bhaskar Rao and got the blessing of the film.

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The groom Dr. Rajkumar The place where he was born was Gazanur. Rajkumar was born in Gajanur, a large village on the border of the Chamarajanagar district. The name of the film is even more interesting as it is Gazanur. A few days ago, Puneeth Rajkumar, who was busy working on cinema, came to Gajanur for a documentary. Raj had moved into the house where he was born. This time Dr. Raj’s younger sister Nagamma was also with him.

Here are the words of Puneet’s conviction about his visit to Gazanur!