Tamil actor Satish Neenasam with Tamil actor Sasikumar


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Recently an actor Satish Neenasam He had just finished filming ‘Petromax’. Soon after, he was involved in another shooting. What is that movie? The question can be asked. But it is not a Kannada language film, but a Tamil cinema.

Start shooting
A few days back, it was rumored that Satish would star in a Tamil film. Satish also shared on social media that he was involved in the shooting. The film stars Sasikumar, a Tamil actor. Not anymore Sasikumar Satish also shared the photo with him.

Sasikumar and Satish go live!
Satish had admitted last year that the Tamil film ‘Pagevananukku Arulvai’ directed by Anees was a hit. But for different reasons, the film went ahead without a hitch. Satish along with Sasikumar Kumar are the heroes of the film. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a story inspired by the cinema. Sasikumar and Satish will fight in this movie.

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Satish is busy in cinemas
Sasikumar is already involved in the shooting, Satish Neenasam has recently joined the film crew. Most of this cinema is going to be shot in jail. The film is ready for big budget. ‘Matni’ with Rachita Ram,DussehraSatish has been acting in movies like ‘. There are Satish Kaitumba movies together.
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