Sunita is married to the 2nd time Hindu tradition at age 42 as children say


  • Sunita, who sings over a hundred songs
  • First marriage at an early age
  • Ram as a child advised Sunita

Today is a famous singer Sunita hurt He is 42 years old. He is celebrating Hindu tradition today at Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple in Ammapalli near Shamshabad, Hyderabad MarriageWho is it? Actor Nitin Some Tollywood artists, like myself, had arrived at the wedding.

First marriage at 19 years old

Their children, Akash and Shreya, are now due to marry for the second time. Sunita’s first marriage to Kiran Kumar Goparaja was when she was 19 years old. The rivalry between the two was a few years ago Divorce Had given. I have no regrets about getting married at 19. I have enjoyed every moment of that time, ”Sunita said in a previous interview. Sunita and Ram’s wedding was attended by very few people. Sunita was seen in a gold silk sari. Ram wore a bright white Dhoti shirt. Sunita wants to keep her life as private as possible.

Marriage as a suggestion of children
Sharing a photo of her with Ram a few days ago, Sunita said, ‘I was expecting my children to be set on life like all mothers do. My children and parents want me to be a Settler in life too. That moment has come to an end. Ram has entered my life as a wonderful partner and caring friend. We are both happy to be starting a new marriage. Thank you to all the well-wishers who understand that I have kept my life private. You will always be with us.

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Sunita singing in Kannada
There is not much information about RAM. Sunita has given more than a hundred hits. He also did some TV shows. Everyone was attracted by the varied vocal style. Sunita sang the song ‘Chandraneeega’ in a small drop of Kannada water. It was quite a hit.