Sudeep Surprise Gift For Wife’s Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to Priya Sudeep
  • Sudeep gives special gift for his wife
  • Greetings from celebrities to Priya

‘Kitchen’ Sudeep His wife Dear Happy birthday to him on Wednesday (Jan. 6). This time Sakhat made his wife’s birthday memorable. Priya has prepared a song for them and shared their feelings for the song. This song is sakhat viral. The song contains rare photos of Sudeep and Priya. Check out the lyrics of this song which is preparing for Priya Sudeep’s birthday.

I’m not a poet. I don’t know poetry …
In some simple words, I don’t know.

How to call Madadi or girlfriend ..
This is my life ..

You have been with Naw for years,
Surprise Coddrolly
I’m Fail Agta, I Still Don’t Succeed …
Years together, sometimes felt,
Nothing to talk about ..
Then I feel the same,
I don’t need words to talk to you …

Silence is the thing between us
Khushiya gives every moment of birth ..
How to call Madadi or girlfriend ..
This is my life ..

What would you say?
This is what you think ..
It’s been a lot of years
That’s what’s so new ..
Looking back one time
We weren’t
I went as a bird in the cinema
Without ever asking you to write,
I went flying ..

Don’t know how to fly to you
You should be with me ..
Horado accompanied me.
Horado accompanied me.

Common DP released Fog Warrior
A Common DP was made for Priya’s birthday. It was released on January 5 by Manju Warrier, a renowned actress in Malayalam cinema. Sudeep had just met him in Kerala. Sudeep and Priya thanked Manju Warrior for the release of Common DP.

Visiting Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore

Priya wins Kannada stars
Happy Birthday to Sudeep’s beloved Nandadipa Priya Let your mana house always shine .. ”Director ‘Simple’ Suni Shubhi requested. Sashikumar, Priyanka Upendra, producer Karthik Gowda, Aftab Shivdasani, Harshika Poonacha, Ravishankar Gowda, JK, Rajeev and ‘Pailwan’ Krishna have congratulated Priya Sudeep.

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