Shruti Haasan openly talks about marriage plan and former boyfriend!


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Actress Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan, was a silent for some time. Not even in the movies. But, now he is active again. Row rows are busy in cinemas. In the meantime, she is active in social media. He recently had a conversation with fans on Instagram. Some fans have asked questions for tuning. That’s all tuned to the answer.

This year you are Marriage Are you?
One fan asked the tuner, “Do you plan on getting married this year?” Adding tuning, he said ‘no’. As such, he spent some time with foreign boyfriend Michael Korsal. Now they are different. A fan questioned that. ‘Do you hate your ex-lover?’ Shruti says, ‘You’re bad. Actually, I don’t hate anyone. I have deep emotion. ‘

Is Operation for Tuning Nose?

One such question posed the tuning. ‘Have you operated on your nose?’ One asked. In reply, Shruti said, ‘Yes, it is true that surgery is done. But, it’s been 11 years. Please come forward, please. ‘ His acting ‘Crack‘Cinema has just been released. Shruti, who co-starred with Ravi Teja, was not promoted. Question was also asked about that. ‘You are not involved in the promotion of’ crack ‘cinema. You’ll be so busy, ‘the fan asked. Adding tuning, he said, ‘Yes, because I did not know when the cinema would arrive. There is little reason to miss its promotion. Because I was so exotic about ‘crack’. There was no promotion because of the shooting, ”says Shruti.

Sanjit Hegde in Telugu Cinema romance with Shruti Haasan! Acting singer!

Currently a good break from the ‘Crack’ tuning. Shruti has also acknowledged the Hindi movie ‘The Power’. He has also worked in films like ‘Vakil Saab’ with Pawan Kalyan and ‘Profham’ with Vijay Sethupathi. Screenplay with singer Sanjit Hegde in Telugu ‘Pitta Katalu’ Shruti Haasan.

Shruti Haasan, Kamal Haasan’s daughter