Shruthi Hariharan’s entry into ‘Dali’ Dhananjaya’s ‘Head Bush’ – sruthi hariharan plays prominent role in dhananjay and payal rajputs head bush


  • ‘Head Bush’ movie starring Dali Dhananjaya
  • Vasishtha Lion, Loose Model Yogi in Head Bush Cinema
  • Shruti Hariharan is also playing a leading role in ‘Head Bush’

‘Lucia’ is a popular actress from the cinema Shruti Hariharan. Then they got busy in line movies. But he has been away from movies ever since. Marriage and daughter gave me more time for a family. But now, the tuning is ready. ‘Dolly’ Dhananjaya He will star in his new movie ‘Head Bush’. This information has officially come out of the film crew. So, what role? There is currently not much information on that.

MP was the first underworld don in Bangalore. There is already a huge anticipation of this film being a Jayaraj biopic. Agni Sridhar is writing the script. New talent zero is directing it. Dolly Dhananjaya is playing Jayaraj and is producing. Now Shruti Hariharan’s inclusion has boosted her expectations of cinema. Payal Rajput of RX 100 fame has already been selected as the heroine of the film.

The ‘Head Bush’ cinema is very much in the cast. Just recently, a loose model, Vasishtha Lion had made his entry into the film. Shruti Hariharan has now made an entry. What role they are playing is yet to be revealed.

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And so, in 2018, Shruti Sakhat was busy. He also opened 6 films that year. He was also awarded the National Award for his performance in ‘Nathicharami’. In 2019 and 2020, a number of cinemas have opened. In the meantime, ‘Wadham’ also starred in the Tamil Web Series. Now re-entry through ‘Head Bush’. The film is composed by Charan Raj. Dhananjaya himself is responsible for the production under his Dolly Pictures banner. The film is being produced by Somanna along with his friends and producer of ‘Trivikrama’. Dhananjaya has already invested in ‘Poor Rascal’ cinema from his production company.

Loose model Yogi – Vashishtha Lion entry into ‘Head Bush’ starring Dali Dhananjaya

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