Shivanna gives Prajwal Devraj acting Inspector Vikram a Sath!


  • Vikram, acting inspector of Prajwal
  • Released statewide on Feb 5th
  • Shivanna Saath for the movie

Prajwal Devaraj is a date fix for the release of ‘Inspector Vikram’, the big budget movie in the career. The cinematic screening will be held on February 5. Producer Vibhit and distributor Jagadish thinks that cinema should be screened in over 400 theaters. In the meantime, filmmaker ‘Inspector Vikram’ has given a breaking news about the film. Here’s the full information on that.

Shivanna will give voice!
‘Shivanna is giving voice to our cinema. The old ‘Inspector Vikram’ has now been given a background voice for the new ‘Inspector Vikram’. Only their voice can be heard on the screen. We have done something special to order Ondhara to report his duty. He will be voiced on Thursday (Jan. 21). Apart from this, the inspector Vikram has nothing to do with the then ‘Inspector Vikram’ cinema. Vikram’s character will be the same. ‘Inspector Vikram’ trailer to be released on Feb 26

Inspired by the then ‘Inspector Vikram’ role
Shivanna’s acting Inspector Vikram is one of my favorite movies. Avagalla Police would soon be playing the role of Rough & Tough. Shivanna then played the role of a jolly cop through ‘Inspector Vikram’. That would have broken previous police roles. That aspect was very appealing to me. So, based on that character, I wrote this ‘Inspector Vikram’ role. Prajwal has also acted lively in the film.

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32 years ago ‘Inspector Vikram’!
Shivrajkumar In the early days of his career, he starred in ‘Inspector Vikram’. It was his 6th movie. If Raghavendra Rajkumar had made the money, Dinesh Babu would have directed it. Starring Gurudat, Ashwath, Kavya Aparna and Avinash. Inspector Vikram was very innovative at that time. Now, Bhavana Menon has teamed up with Prajwal in the current ‘Vikram’. Comedian Dharmanna Kadur has come to life in a major role.

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