senior rajkumar fans Raj-Vishnu Fans Fight Together – Dr rajkumar and dr vishnuvardhan fans


  • Production of popular actors without a license
  • Procedure for unauthorized installation of a clearance
  • Fan fight against this operation of BBMP

In Bengaluru, statues and statues have been installed unofficially without permission from fans of young actors. Thus the operation to clear unlicensed images BBMP Has begun. There has been considerable opposition from the fan base. Dr. Rajkumar, Dr. Vishnuvardhan Many of his statues and statues have been installed by fans. Now those fans are one. Raj-Vishnu has joined hands with fans to fight the BBMP campaign.

There was a brief Cold War between Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan’s fans. It is not a matter of knowing. But today, when it comes to clearance for girls, these two great actors are one. The clearance of the unlicensed daughter is subject to a court order. But we also have respect on the court. But, the time has come to show that the statue is a fan’s claim. Fans have, therefore, spoken of the two artists being one.

Raj and Vishnu fans in the backdrop of the fight were led by Dr. Rajiv Gandhi from Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Information about a press conference to be held at Rajkumar community hall on September 5 Forgetting all the previous conflicts, all are united in one platform to fight against the BBMP.

Actor Dr. Krishnan Nair’s birthday is celebrated on Anna’s birthday. Shivraj Kumar!

Actor Anirudh had spoken about this a few days back. The government has issued a directive that the flag poles and artist posts should be cleared without permission. It really is such a clumsy thing. Our Kannadigas have diligently and diligently installed those pillars. Now if the government says it should be cleared suddenly, it is a very difficult task. Yes, from our fans, mirror is wrong. But, this was also the responsibility of the government. If that was the case then the government itself would have to come and take action. But it is not. So, too, is government negligence. Over the years, it is not that easy to clear the girls now. Now it is a place of worship. So the government should take the responsibility and identify the right place and establish it from the existing space, ”he said.

Advocacy of senior actors Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s son-in-law, actor Aniruddha?

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