Senior music director Ratnam passes away Rajesh is a veteran actor who shares old memories


  • Senior Music Director of Kannada
  • Ratnam, who died on Jan. 9
  • Funeral in Bangalore

Padma Shimoga
Do not go, brother, amma in your arms, I am today’s Hindu youth .. Listen, O iniya .. Here is a leap. Ratnam, the music director who gave such melodic songs. He played music for over 70 films. He passed away on Saturday (Jan. 9) at the age of 97. Kannababhimani, who had earlier said that her love for Kannada should be held in Bangalore. The funeral was held in Bangalore. Rajesh, a veteran actor, says about them:

‘Ratnam is a very good man. Good music directors. All of his songs from the movie ‘Nammoor’ were super hits. Originally from Kannada, Narayan was a businessman and settled in Mumbai. As if they were once a homemaker in Karnataka. Narayan took this as a challenge and made a film called ‘Nammoor’ in Kannada. The film is directed by C.V. He brought Sivashankar and Ratnam as music directors, ”said actor Rajesh.

All 6-7 songs of this movie are still popular. These songs were recorded by Ratnam in Chennai and sent to Mumbai. Narayan declined even three times. Then he came to Chennai and sat down with Ratnam. The songs were final. He had heard those songs for me. Water was coming from the eye if asked. Those songs were the biggest supporters of cinema. Do not go, brothers, the song is still sung in villages, weeping and listening. Given so many popular songs. After that he composed music for many movies. He has also composed music for the movie directed by Puttanna Kanagal. He later returned to Chennai as his health had improved. Then I stopped working on the film, ”recalls actor Rajesh.

Ratnam’s pupil, fan favorite KM. Venkataramaiah started music school in Amritahalli and named it Sangeeta Ratna Vidyalaya. The school was facilitated by the Ratnam Music School. “When Ratnam was a middle-aged man and knew that he did not have a proper residence in Chennai, he was brought to Bangalore and kept at his home. He was very well taken care of, ”he said.

After many years, veteran actor Rajesh! For what movie?

Death of Ratnam Handwriting Condolences suggested. “When I was working for Puttanna’s cinema, I was getting harmonium and composing music. The song ‘Amma ninu vilikkunda i ..’ is very popular. Then they didn’t get much opportunity, ‘says Hansalekha. ‘The opportunity for Ratnam was low among a plethora of songs of the younger generation. Ratnam is very selfish. No one asked for help. Very good music directors. Srinivas Murthy, a veteran actor, has died in Chennai.

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