Roberrt: stage outfit for Darshan starrer ‘Robert’ entry! Fix selected release date!


  • The long-awaited Robert Cinema
  • Release date is finally set
  • Robert darshan to Shivaratri

Darshan Acting ‘Robert‘Fans had a craziness about cinema. If that sounds like it, it should have taken to the cinema screen on April 9 last year. That all changed because of Corona. Fans have been waiting for Robert for the entire year. The wait is coming to an end. The film’s release date announces the movie. ‘Robert’ will hit the screens worldwide on Thursday 11 March.

Robert for Shivarat
There is a Mahashivratri festival on March 11th. Against that backdrop, the film crew is bringing the cinema to the screen. ‘Robert’ is likely to be released in Telugu along with Kannada cinema. This is the first time Tarun Sudheer has directed it Asha Bhatt Darshan is seen opposite the heroine.