rayayan raj sarja: actress Meghanna Raj, who gave a nod to her son Rajan Raj Sarja’s nomination – chiranjeevi sarja meghana raj sarja


  • Son of actress Meghna Raj has been nominated
  • The son of Meghna Raj-Chiranjeevi Sarja is named as Rajan Raj Sarja
  • Named after two traditions
  • Meghna Raj shared beautiful video of her son’s naming

Actress Meghana Raj The and Chiranjeevi Sarja 10 months full for son. The nomination was accompanied by this fun. As Meghanna was asked when she would nominate her son from birth. Now the naming has been done according to the tradition of Hindu and Christianity. Rayan Raj Sarja Has been nominated. Some have commented on social media that the two religions are nominated. Meghana replied in social media.

Silver Cradle!

A beautiful video of the son’s naming has been shared on Meghana Social Media. Meghana Raj and Chiranjeevi Sarja’s family members came for the nomination. There is also a silver cradle brought by Dhruva Sarja. Arjun Sarja’s family did not attend the event as they were in South Africa. But he has watched the show through a video call.

Pictures of Chyra-Meghna’s son ‘Rajan Raj Sarja’ naming ceremony

Make and broadcast video that is not on YouTube
Director Pannabharana, Prajwal Devaraj-Ragini Chandran, Abhishek Ambarish and Sumalatha Ambarish were present at the event. After the nomination, Meghna held a news conference and shared a happy moment. Meghana Raj’s mother Prameela Joshai has also spoken out about it because some people are spreading things that are not on YouTube.

Yuvraj is my son who opened the door of heaven to our family – actress Meghna Raj Sarja

What did Meghna Raj say?

As a mother, it is important to do what is best for the son. Why can’t parents do what’s best for the two worlds, as they did? Religion and caste may be disrespectful to people when we pray for our son and for our family. We seek blessings from God above all. It was important for me to do it in two ways. My son’s father, our King, believed that humanity was the most important thing of all.

We celebrated two traditions. In Sanskrit, rayan means king. As such, the name belongs to all religions. It may be a different version, a syllable, but the meaning is the same. We are proud to present the name of our King, Rajan Raj Sarja before you. My son grows up as a father, loves people as much as he does, and works on the basis of humanity, regardless of the background.

Dad-Mom loves Ryan. It’s time to rule
-Meghana Raj

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