Ravichandran’s son Manoranjan, who is breaking news about marriage


  • Preparation of marriage for Ravichandran’s son
  • Arrange Marriage to become Manu
  • Son of a busy ‘crazy star’ in movies

Manoranjan, son of ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran has already been recognized as a star at Sandalwood. He pointed out through the first film ‘Saheba’, he later did ‘Brihaspati’. They now have 2 movies on their hands. If one shooting has been completed, the other has one last shooting. In the meantime, by 2021 Marriage If they are ready to become.

Welfare at Ravi’s house
Just a few months back Ravichandran His daughter Gitanjali’s wedding was made lavish. The wedding of the first son Manoranjan has begun. Manu, who shared this, said, ‘I am getting married in 2021. I’m going to marry the girl Dad-Mum showed up. Mine is going to be a complete Arrange Marriage. I am 32 years old now. The process of finding a girl at home has begun.

Ready for release
Now, when it comes to cinema, Manu starrer ‘Start’ is ready for cinema. The movie was supposed to come out on March 27 last year. However, it was not possible due to the lockdown. It is now set to open in February or March. Many who saw the trailer of the opening movie commented that this was a remake of Arjun Reddy. But, this has nothing to do with it. This is a movie with a different story. It’s a wonderful message about love, ‘says Manu.

These five directors are very fond of Manoranjan, son of ‘Crazy Star’! What is the reason for that?

MugilpetShooting to the last level
Another movie starring Manu is ‘Mugilpete’. He has a special love for this movie. The main reason for this is that it is the producers who are close friends. Another movie story. Manu’s brother Vikram Ravichandran is also involved in the film. Like trying to get out of a product. ‘60% of that movie has been shot. Shooting will begin again from Feb. 3. We have further amended the script on lockdown. We have added mass and sentimental elements, ‘says Manu.

Manoranjan’s new film ‘Begin’